Tanning Tips when using Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer Mousse

By Louise Beard

Our Competition Packs (Standard | Deluxe) contain:

  • Competition Bronzer Mousse
  • Application Roller
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Butter
  • Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze
  • Sticky Feet
  • Tanning Thongs
  • Mop Cap

The Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer Mousse formula is great for self-application. It allows for a more controlled application with an even quicker drying time. It is streak and smudge resistant.

Before any application of tan, please observe ALL the Liquid Sun Rayz skin preparation instructions and also paying attention to applying a barrier cream or non-fragranced moisturizer to hands, elbows, knees and feet to prevent the tan taking too much on these drier areas.

Gents, you may also like to apply clear nail varnish to finger and toe nails to prevent tan staining as nails are very porous.

The better condition your skin is in, the better the tanning product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look and you will have a more even fade after the competition. On the day you apply the tan, do not use moisturisers, aftershaves, perfumes, deodorant* or spray hair products. After your tan wear loose dark clothing and flip flops. It is also recommended that you do not put on any other tight restrictive clothing after having your colour applied due it ‘damaging’ and marking the tan. Posing suits should not be worn until after your final coat of tan is dry.

Prior to applying the Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer Mousse, make sure you have an old sheet or towels to prevent the tan marking any flooring.

Tanning thongs and the mop cap are disposable and the sticky feet will prevent the tan staining the soles of your feet; wear these until the tan has dried.

Shake the mousse bottle vigorously before each use**. The best way to apply the mousse is dampen the pad first with the tan then pump onto the application pad and wipe it on smoothing it into the skin. Next, blend areas as necessary using a circular motion. The mousse dries quickly; do not leave too long between sections. However, if uneven areas occur these can be reworked by adding a little more tanning mousse to the sponge to achieve a smoother finish.

Two coats of Competition Bronzer Mousse should be applied the evening before the competition in quick succession; about 20-30 minutes, or when touch dry, between coats. A third coat and/or touch ups and repairs can be applied, if required, on the day of the show. If in doubt about your tan and what you should do you can consult with Louise, Liquid Sun Rayz Europe Trainer and Technician on 07766 836693.

Apply Liquid Sun Rayz Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze backstage before pumping up applying it lightly over the body to accentuate definition. Do not apply it too generously; there is ample in one bottle to use for several competitions.

*NB: If you use a 48/72hr deodorant product you need to stop using this about a week before your tan appointment as it leaves a residue even after washing which may turn tan green. Just use a regular deodorant during this time.

** The bottle must be shaken well and periodically as it is being used. Air being infused is what keeps it foaming well. If it does go runny, simply opening the lid to allow a little air in and reclosing then shaking well, usually gets it foaming again.